Working at ... (being kind, gentle, compassionate)

On Facebook there is a place to add where you work, in fact the page (your 'home' page) that holds your information states, "Works at...".  Wouldn't it be interesting if we could use several descriptive words about ourselves - starting with "Works at..." and add in "being a good human", "being kind", "being thoughtful"...

What if we had identifiers on our cars "Works at being a good human" or maybe t shirts or lanyards...

When we would see people we would know immediately, "Oh, he is 'working at being kind', let’s cut him some slack – he is working on it".

If people came with "tags" and whatever they may be "working on" was obviously labeled we would, indeed, be kinder, be gentler to each other.

Unfortunately, we humans don't come with "Beware - Angry Human", "Be Gentle - Processing Trauma" signs.

I'm being facetious and a bit silly...but what if?

What if we changed the way we describe ourselves, no longer using titles "Works as Consultant for XYZ Company" and truly, truly decided that the absolute best thing we could be is a compassionate human.

Doesn't it just feel better to be kind?

I have this 'quark' if you will, it started a few years ago, when I find myself having a less then positive day, I need to reach out and be kind, caring, and compassionate to another human - in direct proportion to the level of bad fact, the worse the mood the more giving I am. 

As I have gotten older, maybe a bit wiser, I realize that I am not only responsible for me and the energy I put into the Universe but also how my energy affects those around me.

I believe that we have a moral obligation to be happy – and if mustering happy cannot be done – at least do no harm to another through thoughts, words or deeds.

Peace does begin with me, with you, and our partners, family, friends, neighbors, heck the whole world can be influenced.

So, no, humans don’t have labels, or signs identifying what is going on behind a plastered-on smile, but if, on our journey through life, we treated everyone like we wish to be treated, what does that look like?

Be kind, be gentle, be compassionate.  Be the type of human that doesn’t need a description, a sign, a tag to know how to treat another person. 

My prayer is that all humans be equal and treated as such.

One of my favorite quotes is from Ram Dass, ”We are all just walking each other home”.


Be the light for others on their journey home.


May your Soul be filled with Joy today and always...❤️



Kare Stewart

12.09.2020 14:25

Great service to others.....thanks, be well!

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16.01 | 15:27

Love this

05.10 | 01:01

Perfectly said if there is such a thing as perfect.

12.09 | 14:25

Great service to others.....thanks, be well!

12.04 | 20:28

Thank you for sharing today

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