Gratitude. What does it mean to be grateful? (and why is it so important?)

Being grateful is synonymous with being thankful. When you are able to be ‘in the moment’ and be thankful, expressing gratitude – to those around you, to the Universe – the energy around you changes.

I am a firm believer that our emotions have an energy of their own. Allow me a short demonstration – Right now I would like you to think of a not so good day – maybe you argued with your partner, had a disagreement with your boss, a store clerk was short with you – take a moment and really remember that situation that was less then positive. How did that encounter make you feel? Angry, Frustrated, maybe there was a hint of dismay (a WTH moment), maybe resentful?

Now, if you had to express out loud how those feelings felt physically – how the energy around those emotions felt - using adjectives you may say – it felt heavy, there was a weight on my chest, a burning in my stomach, a rage throughout my body, I was shaking.

When we experience the emotion of anger there is a direct correlation with how our physical bodies feel.

I would like you to remember an awesome time now. Whatever it is. For me it is a perfect day I had with my Husband and dear friend enjoying the sunshine while boating . I can still hear my friend laughing with glee as we cruised along the water. (Allow yourself to sink into your good memory)

The energy changes, yes? It is lighter. Maybe you have a smile on your face as I do when I remember my day boating. 😄

My heart feels better when I am sitting with a good memory – a good thought. You may say, “of course it does”… well, that’s the point of gratitude.

Expressing gratitude is the EASIEST way to change the energy around you (trust me it is) and there is truly no ‘work’ required to get there – it is as simple as looking around and saying – “I love my couch” “I love the silly orange silk flowers that are in that vase” … or saying, “Thank you” to my Husband for making me coffee this morning – “Thank you” to my 15 year old Son for giving me an unexpected hug – “Thank you” to my Mom for bringing treats for my doggies.

Expressing gratitude, saying thank you to another for a compliment that has been given - the neighbor says they like the way your flowers look this season, a boss/co-worker compliments a job well done – and NOT being dismissive, NOT saying - to the neighbor “Your flowers look better”, to the boss/co-worker “I could have done better” Is VERY IMPORTANT.

Being dismissive, being flippant with our response to others does a disservice to yourself as well as the person offering a compliment.

Strength of character and maturity (I like to call it “Soul Growth”) is shown when we are able to express gratitude as well as receive it graciously.

These are interesting times we are living through – many, many things have been brought to our attention – things that have energy around them that doesn’t feel so good - there is a heaviness about the world right now…some issues we have no control over currently, and some, like being kind and expressing gratitude, we can control. How about if we make the choice to ‘fix up’ our corner of the world by not only giving, but receiving gratitude, thankfulness, with grace?

I am grateful for you and thankful that you took a moment to read my article.


May your Soul be filled with Joy today and always...❤️


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Love this

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Perfectly said if there is such a thing as perfect.

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Great service to others.....thanks, be well!

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Thank you for sharing today

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