It is easy to sit back and lament over life's problems. Whatever size they may be, whatever degree of seriousness... Sitting and ruminating over bills that aren't paid, promotion not granted, weight not lost - but the bottom line is, 'have you done the work'  to change your situation?

Are you waiting until April 14 to file those taxes - and causing yourself grief in the process when receipts cannot be found? Are you putting forth the minimum effort at your place of employment and expecting stellar results? Have you had more 'cheat' days on your 'diet' than not? Have you chosen to blame your metabolism for those extra 40 pounds and not the fact that you can't pass up dessert?  Sit and reflect on the effort you have put forth to change your situation.

Self-reflection is the first step on the journey of lasting change. Once you take responsibility for your part of the situation, you are on your way to make meaningful lasting changes in your life.

Honestly owning your actions/reactions, and the situations that have evolved from them, is step one towards changing the situation that you have found upsetting.

This comes with a warning mindful of assuming too much of the blame for situations involving another person... That is why an honest assessment of your current issue needs to be had.  You cannot take responsibility for another person's actions/reactions and make them your burden to carry.  Thinking that 'if only I would have' serves no purpose either. You own your own 'sh*#' it were. Allow your family member, spouse, boss ...whomever... to own theirs. You cannot control, persuade, trick another person into being or reacting or changing into what you think is best (and how arrogant of you to try)

Start with yourself. Reflect upon the issue/situation that you want to change. Own your part in creating and perpetrating it. Decide what steps (start small) need to be taken to make a lasting change...and then (honestly this works ...I know from personal experience) start one day and string the next day and the next together until you wake up and realize you have strung years together and the change you had been seeking is yours.

May God Bless Your Journey -


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Love this

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Perfectly said if there is such a thing as perfect.

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Great service to others.....thanks, be well!

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Thank you for sharing today

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