Honoring Ourselves Enough to Heal...

Often in today’s world we find ourselves overwhelmed with obligations.  Obligations to our spouses, partners, children, parents, employers.  So overwhelmed that nightly we drag ourselves to bed, reviewing the day, regretting what was left undone on our mental checklist.  We fall into a fitful slumber…a restless evening…not even allowing ourselves the privilege of a good night’s sleep.

 …and so, it begins again with the new dawn…taking care of everyone else, before our SELF.   Whether they are real or self-imposed obligations, we prioritize others needs before our own.   It is no wonder then that headaches start, backaches begin, the general aches and pains – nagging small ones at first – become worse, because we are ignoring our SELF – putting off doctor’s visits and trips to the dentist – there are so many more important things to attend to, right?

We allow harsh words, anger and resentment to fester in our relationships…not addressing words spoken…not being present and ‘in the moment’ long enough to say to another, “You’ve hurt my feelings”, “I’m offended”, “Stop, your judgment is hurting me” … we smile politely and endure …

Our lack of attention to our SELF – manifests physically, emotionally and spiritually –

When did our own health, our own healing, take a back seat to everyone and everything else? 

Years ago, on my first plane trip across the country, I listened to the stewardess give instructions in case of an emergency – those traveling with small children should first place the drop down oxygen masks over their own face – and then their child’s.   Counter-intuitive I thought…of course the child should be taken care of first!  Upon reflection I realized if the parent were to lose consciousness there would not be anyone to care of the child.

If we expand on this thought… you need to honor - and let us define honor as love and respect - you ENOUGH to take care of YOU… FIRST.  It is only then that you will be capable of completing all of those obligations.

Vietnamese Buddhist Monk and philosopher. Thich Nhat Hanh... offers these words, “We humans have lost the wisdom of genuinely resting and relaxing.  We worry too much, we don’t allow our bodies to heal, and we don’t allow our minds and hearts to heal”

Now… How do we honor ourselves enough to allow healing to begin? 

By being compassionate toward our SELF.  Show yourself love by attending to your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. 

Set boundaries with others.  Show your SELF the respect and attention that you have shown others throughout your life. 

Take care of that small child that resides within you with as much compassion as you are capable of giving to everyone else.

Honor, love and respect yourself enough to allow the time to heal … Do this with the understanding that others will love and respect you exactly in the manner that you show them how to….   Your actions show others how to treat you. 

Regain control over your life. 

If daily we make small changes, then in a short amount of time… days are strung together … we are able to look back and see the large shift that occurs when we make conscious choices to improve our situation.

Setting time aside to take care of yourself, to heal, is not selfish, it is showing respect for the magnificent soul that is enjoying this human life experience.

Your body, space and personal time are your sacred temples – respect them by allowing time for healing.  Honor and heal the wonderfully perfect creation of God that is you!

May God Bless Your Journey -


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Love this

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Perfectly said if there is such a thing as perfect.

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Great job...in service to others.....thanks, be well!

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Thank you for sharing today

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