Reverend Natalie Scobercea

A bit about me...

I am an Ordained Spiritualist Minister and non-denominational Spiritual Counselor.

Having a formal education as a teacher, artist and writer, I have pursued complementary integrative therapies as well as esoteric studies toward increasing my ability to assist others as a Holistic Health Practitioner. 

I am certified as an Energy Healer, Hypnotherapist, Nature Therapist, Meditation Instructor, Reiki Master and Color Therapist.

In 2015, I had a near death experience that irrevocably changed the way I view my place in the world, transitioning (death) and my understanding of the Divine Energy which is God.  

In 2017, my Son, Alexander, had a life threatening illness and my faith, prayers from family, friends, and strangers sustained me and strengthened my relationship with my Creator.

It is with great joy that I share my writings and observations with you.  It is my sincere hope that through my writings I may be of service to you on your journey.

We are all part of the Divine Source - Love - Together we can help make positive and productive changes to ourselves and the world.

May the Blessings of God be with You -


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16.01 | 15:27

Love this

05.10 | 01:01

Perfectly said if there is such a thing as perfect.

12.09 | 14:25

Great service to others.....thanks, be well!

12.04 | 20:28

Thank you for sharing today

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